Workshop with Exploratoriet and the nine graders at Bolidenskolan

Today, in collaboration with Exploratoriet, we had a workshop with the ninth graders at Bolidenskolan. Exploratoriet conducts such collaborations with various industries in order to increase technological interests by presenting solutions and problems from reality.

Data from our air quality sensor

We started the exercise by looking at our air quality sensor, (log in with user:, password: 123456), at the intersection Kanalgatan / E4, and think about what the differences in measurement data could be due to.

We also showed our IoT innovator kit,

Our IoT Innovator kit with AR-diagram

(log in with user:, password: 123456), whose data is also exported in real time.





As a final exercise, the students worked in groups and developed ideas for products and services that could be developed with sensors and our platform. The ideas were about:

  • Measuring traffic and recommend route choices.
  • Safety app for mountain tourism.
  • Security app for unsafe places in the city.
  • Sensor system for intrusion and burglary.

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