SSiO at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

Leif visited Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 in Barcelona November 18th-21st.

The Swedish delegation had an extra day with the Netherlands November 18th. One of the exercises was a workshop ”City as a testbed” where Leif presented SSiO and our collaboration with the IVo project.














The Nordic delegation had organized ”Round table discussions” in the morning of November 20th. Leif held the “Skellefteå challenge – How do we get standardized platforms where Smart City services can be spread to multiple cities”. The topic got full tables during both discussion sessions.








There was also a ”Smart City Brookerage Event” where you could book meetings in 20-minute sessions. Leif had both booked, and been booked for meetings. Some companies he met were very interesting for SSiO, so we will keep in touch with them.

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