Winning ideas at ”Floraskolan”

In collaboration with Exploratoriet, we have had workshops with the ninth graders at Floraskolan. Exploratoriet conducts such collaborations with various industries in order to increase technological interests by presenting solutions and problems from reality. At first we had a workshop on November second when we presented the project and the possibilities with our IoT platform.

The students were then also given the task, in groups, of developing ideas for useful smart services. They  started working already during the first workshop, and then they had a week to complete their work before the next workshop November ninth. Then all groups presented their ideas. Everyone had done a good job and presented good ideas. Here is a selection:

  • Motion sensor for fish. The sensor launches a camera that sends images live to an app.
  • Temperatorn – measures the temperature in different rooms, gives the opportunity to increase and decrease the temperature.
  • Corona support for stores. Counts the number of entrants and exits. The number of people in the store is displayed on the website / app. Also statistics / forecast, reduces queue times, support for staff (Several groups).
  • Button in every room in the school connected to an app in the teacher’s phone, to call attention. Good e.g. in Floraskolan where many different spaces are used.
Kajsa and Alva, one of the groups behind the idea of reminders for electrical equipment.
  • Parking app to see find available parking spaces. Can also give a hint about how many people e.g. is on Solbacken.
  • Clock with heart rate monitors for the elderly in nursing homes, staff can see heart rate, and even body temperature.
  • Reminder for electrical appliances. Reminds via an app if you forgot to turn off, and gives the opportunity to turn off via the app. (Two groups).
  • Parking app, shows where available parking spaces are. Can also show the nearest or cheapest.
  • Sound sensor in group rooms. Alarms teachers at too high a level. Also a display in the room that can make students behave.
  • Sensors in bus shelters that count the number of people waiting for the bus. Then the bus company can send extra buses in good time. Also shows in the shelter how far away the bus is.
  • Corona support – shows how many people are in different public places.
  • Weather-adaptable clothing, measures body temperature, heats or cools when needed with the help of a built-in heating and cooling system.
Freja, Mika and Edvin, with the idea of an assault alarm in the lampposts.
  • Corona support – distance sensors on the body that warn if you get too close to someone else.
  • Vending machines for buying Corona masks.Avalanche app, measures snow depth and weather parameters, warns skiers and snowmobiles of avalanche danger.
  • Ventilatorn – Knows how many people are at home. Adjusts the ventilation in the house.
  • Corona support for bathhouses, libraries, culture houses, etc. Counts and shows how many visitors.
  • Sensors that measure properties in watercourses, temperature at different depths, toxins.
  • Sensor for ice thickness and weight of the carrier. Warns about the risk of going through.
  • Assault alarm in the smart lampposts. Sound sensors identify screams that indicate that someone is in danger. The police can start the camera in that case.

At SSiO’s project meeting today, the groups behind the winning ideas had the assault alarm and the reminder for electrical equipment present their ideas. The project group found both ideas very interesting.

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