Our LoRa network

We currently have 5 gateways deployed in Skellefteå. We will also soon set up a gateway at Anderstorp centrum to get better coverage from the south.
We have previously made some attempts with geopositioning in LoRa, with limited success. Since we upgraded to VMC 3.0 we get better positions, and our hope is that a gateway at Anderstorp will also provide an improvement.

Soon we will also set up a gateway in Lycksele.

We have integrated the LoRa network server with our SSiO platform, so we get all the measurement values ​​from the LoRa-IoT devices in it.

We have a number of air quality sensors that communicate via LoRa, but at the moment they are taken down for upgrade. We also have a sensor on a roller, to test if the positioning is good enough to be able to follow our IVo pilots outdoors.

Skellefteå municipality tests to monitor its street lights with the help of LoRa sensors that measure current consumption, inclination etc. Alimak also makes some tests for its future lifts with the help of our network. In addition, we have done some tests to measure the degree of filling in garbage cans, and to detect vacant parking spaces.

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