About ARctic Challenge 2018

This weekend we organized the Arctic Challenge 2018. It is the third consecutive year that we arrange this hackathon, and as usual it became very successful. We had four teams working from Friday evening to Sunday lunch with challenges all connected to the SSiO project and various activities within Skellefteå municipality:

Team Netofol was challenged to to make parking more efficient, by detecting available parking spaces and directing drivers, instead of having to go around and look. See their presentation.

karankokatu intended to optimize garbage collection by measuring the filling rate in the bins, in order to optimize the routes for the cars, and also inform those who come with garbage. See their presentation.

Team Arctic Shakers visualized air pollution using data from the air quality meters we put out in the SSiO and SenseSmartRegion projects. See their presentation.


Finally, Team17 worked to encourage training. Through its mobile phone, you could primarily compete with yourself, but then also compete with others in how much energy you consume. See their presentation.

After lunch today, the jury reviewed and evaluated the contributions and handed out prizes to winning teams.

The jury consisted of:

  • Per Dinborn, Skellefteå municipality
  • Saguna, Luleå University of Technology and SSiO
  • Leif Häggmark, SSIO, Skelleftea Digital Alliance and Dataföreningen i Sverige.

The jury reviewed the contributions to the criteria:

  • Visualization – How aesthetic and creative is visualization?
  • Usability – How useful is the solution, and how easy is it to use for the target audience?
  • Innovation – How innovative is the contribution?
  • Business potential – How high is the business potential

Team Netofol, consisting of An Pham, Md Anisou Islam, Florian Akos Szabo, Amir Rahafrouz and Meruyert Nurgazy won ARctic Challenge 2018 with their contribution PARSKE, a solution that can help us find parking spaces more efficiently in the future. As a prize, all participants in the team received a Raspberry Pie.
The second prize winners, (all the other three teams), got a power bank.

Norran also wrote an article about the event, (in Swedish).

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