Workshop with students at Exploratoriet

Today, in collaboration with Exploratoriet, we had a workshop with a ”högstadieklass” from Kanalskolan. Exploratoriet runs such collaborations with various industries with the aim of increasing technology interests by showing solutions and problems from reality.

Data from our air quality sensor.

We started the exercise by looking at our air quality sensor, (log in with user:, password: 123456), at the intersection Kanalgatan / E4, and consider what the differences in measurement data could be due to.

We also worked with our IoT innovator kit,

Our IoT Innovator kit with AR diagrams.

(log in with user:, password: 123456), whose data is also exported in real time, and discussed what could have happened when the temperature changed and the kit accelerated and so on.

As the last exercise, the students got to work in groups and develop ideas for products and services that could be developed with sensors and our platform. The ideas were about:

– Clock with insulin pump, and GPS position.
– Clock with function so that the deaf can communicate with others.
– Body scanner that sees nutrient deficiencies and recommends food.
– Sensor for unpaid goods, ie goods that you do not flip when you put them in the cart.
– Bed sensor that detects when someone is lying in bed.
– Alzheimer app with medication reminders, reminder to eat and more.
– Red light that counts down to red and green respectively.
– Fridge / freezer that can cook.

Leif will select the best idea, and the winning group will get the chance to present their idea for the SSiO project.

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