Digital workshop with Exploratoriet and the ninth graders at Bureåskolan

Today we had a workshop with the ninth graders at Bureåskolan in collaboration with Exploratoriet. Exploratoriet conducts such collaborations with various industries in order to increase technological interests by presenting solutions and problems from reality.

Due to the pandemic, we conducted the workshop digitally.

First we presented the project and the possibilities with our IoT platform. The students were then given the task of developing ideas for useful smart services in groups.

Everyone had done a thorough job and presented good ideas. Here is a selection:

  • Virus measurement in the air.
  • Measure urine levels in swimming pools, control chlorination and water change.
  • Water pressure sensor in drain pipes, find leaks.
  • Sound sensor, analyze errors, point out where the sound is coming from.
  • Blood pressure sensor, regulates medication supply, detects heart attack, notifies family.
  • Temperature control based on outdoor and indoor temperature and schedule for the room.
  • Corona support for shops, restaurants, etc. Counts and shows the number of visitors, statistics to control opening hours, staff schedule. If a party venue, notify the police if the number is too high.
  • Sound sensor for fish, measure stocks, warn of too few, also detect if objects are thrown into the water, and also measure the amount of algae.
  • Warning on the phone if you go and look at it and something happens, traffic, curbs, traffic lights. Also support for the visually impaired (and clumsy people).
  • Golf goggles – measures distance and wind, suggests club and how to hit. Takes in data from all balls, AI learns the player’s characteristics.
  • Detect snow and slipperiness on the road, notify the municipality or skiers.
  • Crowd sensor, show on map linked to restrictions.
  • Bracelet that measures parameters in the body, e.g. blood pressure, also detect medication intake. Report home care in the event of deviations.
  • Parking service, shows vacancies, sensors or crowd sourcing.
  • Street lights in remote places, sensors see movements, camera to be able to see what happened, if someone e.g. disappeared.

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