SSiO with the primary school at Exploratoriet

Today, in collaboration with Exploratoriet, we had a workshop with a school class from Kanalskolan. Exploratoriet runs such collaborations with various industries in order to increase technology interests by showing solutions and problems from reality.
We started the exercise by looking at our air quality sensors, and thinking about what the differences in measurement data could be due to.
As a final exercise, the students worked groups and developed ideas for products and services that could be developed with sensors and our platform. The ideas were about animal feeders, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, intelligent and modifiable rollers, self-propelled shopping cart, intelligent speed bumps, app that notifies car malfunctions and a beach guide.
Leif then chose the best idea, and the winning group with the idea ”Badguiden” are invited to our sprint meeting May 17th to present their idea.

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