About the seminar ”Smartare affärsmodeller”

Jeaneth Johansson, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Luleå University of Technology, talked during a seminar about smarter, sustainable business models.
Jeaneth Johansson talked about the structures that exist on and below the surface of a company’s work on developing business models and how conscious business models can be created, business models that make visible and contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Business models are not just about how a company should charge for its services. It is a logic about how the company does business. It is also about the activities that are carried out and the resources that are utilized, or not utilized, to generate a sustainable business.

Sustainability is about economic sustainability; to survive but also to have the opportunity to be innovative and grow. Sustainability is also about social sustainability; to ensure a social responsibility where inclusive and gender-aware business models are a part. Environmental sustainability is also central to a company’s logic for doing business.

The seminar was a collaboration between the projects Gender Smart Arena and SSiO, DF Skellefteå department. and Skelleftea Digital Alliance and took place on Campus Skellefteå.

See Jeaneth Johansson’s presentation

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