Use case elderly care

The SSiO plattform in iVO

SSiO has collaborated with the projects iVOS, iVO and FraViVo using IoT for elderly care. In iVOS and iVO, motion detectors, sensors on entrance and balcony doors, TV sets, coffee makers, bedside lamps, etc. were installed in elderly people’s homes. When the pattern deviated from the normal, an SMS was sent to a relative or to the home care service. SSiO continued to run the service for a while after the iVO project ended because the elderly who participated in the project and their relatives saw great value in the service.

In FraViVo, cameras are used in nursing homes that do not show an image, but analyze deviations based on the image information and raise alarms if needed.

Digital assistent

At one of our hackathons, a group of students worked on developing a digital assistant for the municipality’s customer service that took calls from dementia care recipients.

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