TechTalk – Extended Reality (XR) with Microsoft HoloLens and Unity3D (in Swedish)


TechTalk – Extended Reality (XR) with Microsoft HoloLens and Unity3D
Lecture / demo May 9, 2019 at. 13.00 – 14.30, and ”Code-Along” 14.30 – 16.30

TechTalk in collaboration between the SSiO project, Skelleftea Digital Alliance, the Spin project and Dataföringen i Sverige, Skellefteåavdelningen. CGI holds the exercise.

Note that the TechTalk is held in Swedish!

See Skelleftea Digital Alliance for more information and registration.

We go through what VR / XR is and the differences.
We talk about where the technology is going and what we can do / not do with XR.
Then we look at how a HoloLens works and what happens to Hololens 2 and other units in the market.
We round off with sharp cases that we have done for our customers, and after that a coffee break, and some time for mingle.

We then continue with ”Code-Along” from 14.30, for anyone who wants to try to build an app in Hololens.

Please note that this is separate registration for the Code-Along.

We will first quickly go through what Unity3D is and how to use it so that those who have never seen Unity get a better understanding. Then we will step by step build an app for HoloLens, from code in Unity to build on HoloLens.

Bring your own computer for the exercises. To be able to keep up with the coding you need unity 2018.3.x

Register no later than May 2nd.

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